Types of diet

The Diet World doesn’t differ from Fashion World, has its trends and hits. Just enough to mention Cambridge, Diamonds or cabbage diet. They are queens of one season and they fall into oblivion, but they make a lot of destruction to our bodies when they come to power. That diets deprive of nutrients essential  for correctly functioning human body effect deficiency leading to malfunctions and a lot of diseases. They are accompanied by jojo effect what we want to avoid.

The adequate diet has all nutrients in the right proportion what guarantee the correct functioning of our body and gives stable and long-lasting effects. It is worth to remember that, before starting a new modern diet.

Each diet should be prepared depends on our sex, age and health condition

We have diets reducing weigh of our body – slimming. They are based on limited calories delivered with the food. For better effect we should exercise what has a positive influence on  modeling our figure in the same time.

We have diets for children – that diets are based on limited calories too, but only to the level that allow the young organism to grow and mature correctly. They include all nutrients needed in particular age. Diets for children are very difficult to prepare because of that danger of deficiency of nutrients what can cause many physical and mental diseases.

We have diets for active people – they help to built the muscles and increase endurance during exercising. The correct diet can help to reduce tiredness and prolong the time of effort.

We have a lot of diet applying for people with particular diseases:

  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • stomach ulcers
  • arteriosclerosis
  • nephrolithiasis
  • alergie
  • and others

We prepare diets which are usually the combination of mentioned above. It is a result of information received during interview and medical tests. This is the only way to get a long lasting effect. It is worth to consult professional before starting on with a new miraculous diet.

You are invited to benefit from our knowledge.