Our program is addressed to All who care for a good health and for well-being. Environment we live in has an influence on the quality of our life and on it’s expectancy. There are a lot of factors causing deterioration of our health and one of them is nutrition.

By well nutrition we can avoid a lot of diseases and cherish being with relatives much longer. The earlier you start the more you can achieve.

Overweight children are exposed to hart diseases, liver, kidney and digestive system malfunction. Not correct nutrition is not always leading only to overweight, it can cause luck of  fundamental nutrients essential for correct growth, what can be observe as luck of concentration of mind, difficulty with memorizing and learning and further, internal organs disorder, for example shortage of calcium in diet can cause osteoporosis and rheumatism in the future.

It is never too late to start looking after yourself.

Do you have a few more kilograms after pregnancy?

You can loose them if you start with the correct diet for every day. You can get back to your previous figure if really want to, everything you have to do, is to try.

You put on some weight and you don’t know how? You don’t feel good and your medical tests show that your body isn’t in a good shape?

Remember, there are a lot of diseases called diet relative. It means that the wrong diet can be the reason they appear and the correct one, can prevent from their effects. Diet relative diseases are diabetes, high blond pressure, stomach ulcers, arteriosclerosis, allergies and others.

There are a lot of relatives between our nutrition and condition of our body, that the reason we offer you our medical care. We offer:

  • Professional advice
  • Individual Diets