About us

Nutrition is necessary for living and certainly has a big influence on its quality. We forget about it very often and do not pay enough attention to what we eat. Not proper nutrition is the beginning of a lot of illnesses and diseases. It may cause cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, allergies, arteriosclerosis and more. We fight with these diseases by taking pills which have besides good, also bad influence on human body.

Living in hurry, we use precooked or high processed food, easy to prepare and available in every store.  It is a good way to supply our body with energy, but not a good one to supply with nutrients. Having that in mind we use supplements available without prescription. The amount of vitamins and minerals they contain, usually do not cover our daily needs because of low absorption, or can exceed limits when we take a lot of them in the same time. It can cause allergies, skin diseases or dysfunctions of muscles and nerves system.

You can avoid that by eating healthy products containing the right amounts of nutrients. Start with the right diet for every day.

We work very hard for our good heath as well as for our diseases, and we do it for years. Healthy life it is not a miraculous heeling, rejuvenating or slim pills but it is living with the rhythm of nature. Our health is in our hands.

Dietetics is very effective in prevention from lot of diseases. Come and learn how to live longer and cherish fullness of life.

Our consulting room was creating for those who want:

  • lost some weight for ever
  • learn what to eat to avoid many diseases
  • change a diet to gain a better effect during curing from diet-effective diseases